Congratulations to overall Phoenix Day winner Wayne Davey who returned the best score of the day with 42 points. 

Morning field winners:

1st Place – Bill Graham 40pts
2nd Place – John Makarucha 40pts
3rd Place – Bill Sheehan 40pts
4th Place – Rubert Riedmaier 40pts
5th Place –  Andrew Parker 40 pts
Calloway Winner  – Bruce Barnard.

Afternoon field winners:

1st Place – Wayne Davey 42 pts
2nd Place – Bruce Edwards 41 pts
3rd Place – Jim Parker 40 pts
4th Place – Denise Toon 40pts
5th Place –  Graeme Taylor 40 pts
Calloway Winner – Randall Tidyman

NTP 2nd – Tony Harrison 80cm
NTP 6th – Colin Dell
NTP 11th –  Greg Seymour 131cm
NTP 13th – Ray Robertson 192cm
NTP 15th – Alec Greig 2.15m
LD Women 10th – Bronwyn Hampson
LD Men 9th – Aaron Matthews

 Thank you to our major sponsors – HFH Berwick, Bendigo Bank, Aughtersons Solicitors & Evolve Finance.