Golf 20 – 20


Membership Outline 

This category of membership will pay an upfront annual payment of $675 which includes 20 rounds of golf and 20 rounds of footgolf.

This membership is ideal for anyone that is time poor and not likely to play more than 20 rounds of golf and footgolf in a 12 months period.

Should you play more than the allocated 20 rounds, you will only pay members guest rate green fees for the additional rounds within the 12 months period.

It is a restricted membership category. Members in this category are not eligible for monthly medals or honour board events. 

Why should you join this membership category? 

The average golfer will likely play 20 rounds of golf in a 12 months period. This membership category is calculated on premium savings of golf rounds when compared to paying green fees at Cardinia Beaconhills Golf Links without a membership.

20 rounds of green fees = $780

Golf Australia handicap, affiliation and insurance costs = $60

Total costs = $840

The Golf 20 20 is only $675. That’s savings of $165! 

Not only will you receive membership, Golf Australia handicap and its full 7 day playing rights with us, you will also receive 20 free footgolf rounds on top.

Great value for money membership